Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Finally I have time to tell you about my one year anniversary!
Hubby was back in town saturday and we went out to my favorite restaurant for oysters and champagne to celebrate. He was all smiles, relaxed and didn't bring up work even once. As a gift I received not jewelery (!!) but tickets to go to St Barths in April instead. The whole evening was very romantic and I was reminded all over again why I fell for him in the first place.
I love looking back at how we met... I was a senior in college and went to a cocktail party with my (then) boyfriend (I wasn't in love with him, it was more for show than anything else). The hostess of the party was madly in love with my bf and as she drank more and more it became more and more obvious. The climax was when she threw her drink in my face. I fled to the ladies room to save what I could of my favourite cashmere sweater. I stood by the sink sobbing as I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around and that was the first time I laid eyes on Hubby.
"Dry your eyes, Princess", he said - in French! "Tears don't suit a dollface like yours".
Despite the cheesy line he seemed sincere. Plus, I'm a sucker for French (I later learnt he had just moved back from France and wanted to see if 'the language of love' could help him woo women)
"Here, take my jacket and let me take you shopping for a new sweater tomorrow".
My boyfriend was chatting away in the living room and I left without telling him. A week later I learnt he was dating my attacker. But I couldn't have cared less. Hubby was mine. No matter how 'independent woman' you are, you still secretly want to be "looked after". Hubby made me feel cared for, safe and adored.
"I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you", he said after just one month of dating. And I knew I'd let him.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Divine Diversity

Well, to be honest Trinnie, I know I'm only 24 and living a very mature life.. but I can't say I feel like I've missed out on anything. My wildest years were between ages 16-19, when my motto was "try everything once - at least". I've calmed down a lot since then!
My father was relocated a lot, so I went to high school in Switzerland, Italy and Australia. That means you get to see and experience a lot, but never grow any real friends. New York feels like home though. Everyone always says they love NYC because of the diversity, as do I. I can't say I'm fond of the majority of people, but imagine everyone was like me! There would be so much competition if everyone looked gorgeous and had the same exquisite fashion sense! The diversity is an ego boost, I know I look/smell/dress better than 90% of the Manhattanites. My car is the hottest, my dog is the cutest and my apartment is the nicest. And this wouldn't be the case if everyone had the same possibilites.
Thank god for diversity.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I got the fever!

Ooooh, my loins tremble!
I wasn't very happy with my last gym (my personal trainer was an SS-officer reincarnated), so today I joined a new gym. Seeing as bikini season is only a few months away, I naturally booked a new personal trainer. I had asked for a guy, since I work better under male pressure. So Cyrus is mine 4 times a week now. Turns out he's ripped, tall and thrice the man Fabio is. Not picture perfect, but oozing animalistic sex. Cyrus is obviously black, survived the Chicago ghetto and has scars to prove the tough years (I'm a sucker for scars - manly!). When he leaned over me for an excercise today I found myself checking out his gems.
"I saw that", he said with a grin and I felt my face turning red.
I thought I had gotten rid of my jungle fever, but apparently not! The dark lusty forces sure made a strong come-back. During my years in Europe and Australia I had quite a few black lovers. Even when I've gone on vacation in Cuba and elsewhere, I can't resist the temptation of a well-built native. How am I now gonna be able to work up a sweat without getting any action from a man that has me trembling by his mere presence?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Legal Limitations

Oh Trinnie, I don't think I could ever commit to a silent agreement like yours. I think I am too jealous. I desperately want to believe hubby just works on his business trips.
Also, I can't risk violating our prenup. We were both skeptical to a prenup, but it seems mandatory for couples these days. So we did what we always do; compromised. I'm entitled to half his fortune after five years, assumed I haven't cheated. Better deal than most women get.
And I get to keep all gifts, that's why I haven't pointed out to him that I can buy anything I want myself, but let him give me gifts. I'm not stupid, you know! If anything happens (god forbid), I'll at least have a car, a boat and jewelery. If I'd sell my darlings I'd still be able to maintain my expensive lifestyle for many years to come.
In case of an emergency, I have the numbers of Manhattans finest lawyers on speed dial on my cell. I trust them with my life, as I've seen them work wonders before. Thanks to them, I got away with two DUI's last summer (neither was my fault; I couldn't get a cab in the Hamptons and I had accidentally mixed valium, xanax and champagne).

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I might have a severe PMS attack or something, I am so annoyed today. Especially at the homeless. New York got rid of the rats, but then the homeless are taking over their place as worst plague. God knows what kind of diseases they carry!
Seriously, they even camp out up here on the Upper East Side, probably because the garbage is better quality. Either way, they're smelly and rude and dressed worse than orphan HIV-stricken African children. I don't get it, even skanky thrift shops sell the occasional Prada skirt and there are fake Gucci bags for a mere tenner! Why do they obsessively live in their old molding rags? Anyone can dress for success almost for free, with all these H&M's infecting the city. This obviously means they do it entirely for earning pity points.
And they don't kindly say "Madame, could you spare a dollar?" but they more or less spit out "show me the money, bitch".
I always keep on walking. It's not my fault you're poor.
Plus, I only carry credit cards anyway.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend

We can dish out all our secrets, without having our men divorcing us. Thank god for the internet!
Hubby called today from LA to tell me he has to work next weekend, when we were supposed to go to St Barths to celebrate our 1 year anniversary... I got really upset since I haven't been to Barth in forever. Strangely enough I was actually looking forward seeing hubby too! He promised to make it up to me, but that usually means he gets me jewelery. Boo.
I actually don't understand the idea of him giving me presents at all.. he's gotten me all the top credit cards, so there's nothing I can't buy myself. Although I like when he's feeling guilty, I usually act more upset than I am, just to get him to treat me like a princess. And when he thinks he's been neglecting me, he's usually a lot more understanding. That means I can get away with basically anything. Like in December when I had bought another car and a dog the same day, not needing either. Hubby just said "I understand that you feel lonely, so you can keep both". He then threw some jewelery broshures my way. "Now, what do you want for christmas?"

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tribute to Trinnie

Oh my dear Trinnie Tro, this will be so much fun. I was thinking about posting a picture to prove my hotness, but what if, yes what if, hubby somehow finds this site? Hmm..
Oh Trinnie, I am so happy to have you as a friend. Or should I say mentor? Even though you live oceans away you're the only one I can really talk to - about everything. You have the experience and expertis on all the matters my life evolve around. All the fellow trophys I've met over here either have the IQ of a goldfish or are 40 years old.
Me and hubby have our 1 year anniversary coming up soon. Insane. Time goes fast when you're having fun. Although, to wrap up this one year as married, he's been away on business 285 days and I've felt quite lonely at times. Until I, for a change, was allowed to go with him on a business trip to London - and met you! I don't think you have any idea how close I was to actually start working, or even volunteering! I mean, hubby whisked me away right after college graduation and said he didn't want me to ever work. But when I discovered how uneventful that life was I wanted to use my degree, and figured hubby would never notice anyway.
Ha, I am so glad you sorted me out, Trinnie! And if I ever talk about getting a job ever again - feel free to smack me.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Inaugural speech

Welcome to Trophy Wives Anonymous.
Firstly, I would like to get the formalities out of the way. I am Ophelia, aka Ophy, a 24 year old trophy wife in Manhattan. I am worldly, smart, classy and gorgeous. I am aware of my worth and makes sure my hubby is too.
I am a trophy wife (and proud). Not many of us can accept it, but I have come to terms with it completely. The term isn't degrading in my eyes, it's a good description. My hubby surely thinks of me as a trophy, the utmost prize only one man can posess.
It's also important to clarify that trophy wife does NOT mean housewife. There's a distinct difference. I don't have anything to do with the household, I naturally have a maid.
Due to my current life situation I have a lot of time on my hands and I thought of this blog as a way for me to keep my sanity, to clear my head, anonymously but publicly.
Let the journey begin.