Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I might have a severe PMS attack or something, I am so annoyed today. Especially at the homeless. New York got rid of the rats, but then the homeless are taking over their place as worst plague. God knows what kind of diseases they carry!
Seriously, they even camp out up here on the Upper East Side, probably because the garbage is better quality. Either way, they're smelly and rude and dressed worse than orphan HIV-stricken African children. I don't get it, even skanky thrift shops sell the occasional Prada skirt and there are fake Gucci bags for a mere tenner! Why do they obsessively live in their old molding rags? Anyone can dress for success almost for free, with all these H&M's infecting the city. This obviously means they do it entirely for earning pity points.
And they don't kindly say "Madame, could you spare a dollar?" but they more or less spit out "show me the money, bitch".
I always keep on walking. It's not my fault you're poor.
Plus, I only carry credit cards anyway.


Anonymous said...

You can't be serious!!! Even if your writing skills impress me, you can't be human, you have no empathy whatsoever..
Freaks are the best entertainment..

Anonymous said...

She can very well be serious, one cant walk down any street in NY - Boradway, Lexington, even the upper east without being attacked by rabid hobos looking for a handout. Those motherfuckers should check out www.getajob.com