Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Legal Limitations

Oh Trinnie, I don't think I could ever commit to a silent agreement like yours. I think I am too jealous. I desperately want to believe hubby just works on his business trips.
Also, I can't risk violating our prenup. We were both skeptical to a prenup, but it seems mandatory for couples these days. So we did what we always do; compromised. I'm entitled to half his fortune after five years, assumed I haven't cheated. Better deal than most women get.
And I get to keep all gifts, that's why I haven't pointed out to him that I can buy anything I want myself, but let him give me gifts. I'm not stupid, you know! If anything happens (god forbid), I'll at least have a car, a boat and jewelery. If I'd sell my darlings I'd still be able to maintain my expensive lifestyle for many years to come.
In case of an emergency, I have the numbers of Manhattans finest lawyers on speed dial on my cell. I trust them with my life, as I've seen them work wonders before. Thanks to them, I got away with two DUI's last summer (neither was my fault; I couldn't get a cab in the Hamptons and I had accidentally mixed valium, xanax and champagne).

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