Monday, March 14, 2005

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend

We can dish out all our secrets, without having our men divorcing us. Thank god for the internet!
Hubby called today from LA to tell me he has to work next weekend, when we were supposed to go to St Barths to celebrate our 1 year anniversary... I got really upset since I haven't been to Barth in forever. Strangely enough I was actually looking forward seeing hubby too! He promised to make it up to me, but that usually means he gets me jewelery. Boo.
I actually don't understand the idea of him giving me presents at all.. he's gotten me all the top credit cards, so there's nothing I can't buy myself. Although I like when he's feeling guilty, I usually act more upset than I am, just to get him to treat me like a princess. And when he thinks he's been neglecting me, he's usually a lot more understanding. That means I can get away with basically anything. Like in December when I had bought another car and a dog the same day, not needing either. Hubby just said "I understand that you feel lonely, so you can keep both". He then threw some jewelery broshures my way. "Now, what do you want for christmas?"