Friday, December 09, 2005

For the love of fur

Do people not have anything more important to do than being angry? Daddy always used to tell me that anger and hatred originates in jealousy. It's usually true.
When girls excluded me in grammer school, it was because I had perfect hair and prettier dresses. When boys called me a bitch in high school, it was because I wouldn't lower m standards and make out with any of them.
I believe the PETA-people are jealous too. They look like they live in a dumpster and wish they were me.
You can't afford a fur? Then you might as well hate on those who can!

I love furs, always have. Not that I ever got to use them in Aussie! I think I prefer seasons over summer all year. I love the minis and espadrillos in summer, and love the furs and boots in winter. Wrapping myself in dead animals keeps me warm inside and out. Last year, hubby bought me a polar bear fur to put next to my bed, so it's the first thing I step on each morning. Lovely.

Yesterday I ran into a couple of PETA lunatics.
"Animal killer!" one screamed at me on.
I kept ignoring them and talking on my cell. After a few blocks of stalking me while chanting "murderer" and "you're a walking cemetery", I'd had enough.
"Look, if you want a dollar to start a fund for your own fur coats, all you gotta do is ask", I said and stuffed a fiver in their hands.
Before they knew it I'd hailed a cab and hopped in. As we took off, they kicked the back of the car. Poor cabbie looked shocked, but I said "don't worry about it, here you go" and handed him two fifties.
Enough good deeds for this week.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Skin and bones

Enough with the skinny-arse trend already! Actresses and socialites alike, all skin and bones. I don't know a trophy wife that doesn't have an eating disorder - and it just feels so 90's! But we have so much to live up to, we're supposed to have the life everyone else is dying to have. People look up to us, want to be us - what pressure! When you're rich, you can eat quality healthy food and have personal trainers, dietists and stylists surrounding you at all times. If you're a rich and fat woman - you're a disgrace to the (rich) mankind. Your husband can, and likely will, find someone better (read: thinner).

Fat people disgust me too, naturally. I'm just as obsessed in my mind to personify perfection. But I also want to be able to distinguish physical differences between a woman and a teenage boy on heroin. I like the T & A!
I'm not naturally thin. I have to pass up a lot of yummy things to look this hot. I'm lazy with my personal trainers, whom I switch more often than most change underwear anyway, so I never get into a routine.

Two years ago, I got on a strict diet after I'd seen old pictures of me when I lived in Australia. Ok, we played around on the beach all day there. Volleyboll and sun does wonders! But in the U.S., where the national dish is 'anything deep fried', I had to really be careful. The strict diet made wonders, but hubby (then boyfriend) forced me off it.
"I won't marry a skeleton", he said completely serious. "Stop this insanity!"
I did. Hubby took me out to steak dinners and kept track of how much I ate. Knowing hubby cared for my health AND dug my curves, I could begin eating without guilt-issues.