Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The planet is once again in orbit

I haven't seen hubby since our Aussie trip... which was an eternity ago! He's off on business again and I miss him. Sometimes I question whether actually I miss him or just miss having companion. Whichever the reason, the result is a strong craving for male attention. If I walk down a street and a man neglects to check me out, it can ruin my whole day! Fear of rejection is my biggest pet peeve and being neglected is, if possible, even worse.

My neighbour, a single business exec in his 30's, never once shot me a glance other than the casual nod to substitute a hello in the lift. Regardless of how I pouted, bent forward to pick up something revealing my fit legs and behind, licked and bit my red luscious lips and even rubbed my erected nipples against him (all this by 'mistake' of course). His persistent resistance drove me insane and even though every other man on the planet dropped dead at my feet all I wanted was just a tiny bit of attention from this mission impossible. I spent hours awake at night wondering what was wrong with me.. until I realized.
The next day I ran into him (naturally by 'accident') in the hallway.
"Sir, excuse my bluntness, but I'm European, plus I really need to know... are you gay?"
He nodded, this time with a smile.
I had kept wondering what was wrong with me, when the right question all along had been what was wrong with HIM! I slept so well that night, reassured that I was still every (straight) man's dream!

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Anonymous said...

you are clearly not who you say you are because no body wears red lipstick! especially in summertime! i bet you're a gay male pretending that you live the life of a kept woman. the character you have created reminds me of Karen from Will & Grace. but that's ok, i still like your blog. it's entertaining.